0 Industrial Cargo Capacity Calculator
The below form calculates the cargo space of any given industrial ship type, also taking into account the player's skill level. The form also calculates the number of giant containers that can fit inside your cargo hold and also the amount of extra cargo space that will add to give the total haulable mass.

Final Cargo Capacity:
Giant Cargo Containers:
Total Haulable Mass:

Expanders Key;
15.00% Basic Expanded Cargo Hold
17.30% Marked Modified SS Expanded Cargo
18.00% Expanded Cargo I
19.60% Type-E Altered SS Expanded Cargo
20.36% Mark I Modified SS Expanded Cargo
21.90% Alpha Hull Mod Expanded Cargo
22.72% Type-D Altered SS Expanded Cargo
24.20% Partial Hull Conversion Expanded Cargo
25.08% Beta Hull Mod Expanded Cargo
27.44% Local Hull Conversion Expanded Cargo I
29.50% Expanded Cargo II

V1.31 Final

NOTE: This calculation form is deprecated, data is pre Trinity. I've left this online for reference. If you would like me to update this please leave a comment here.